RIP Muddy

It’s been difficult for me to even consider posting about this. My heart is still shattered. On November 11, 2019, Damarna’s Rabbit Run Muddy Waters went to the bridge. The day prior he underwent emergency surgery to remove a blockage in his intestines. He’d been exhibiting symptoms of a possible blockage over the weekend but at one point I had thought it resolved. During the night on Sunday, he took a turn for the worse and he was in surgery right away Monday morning. He seemed to have done well during the surgery and was home to recover. Tuesday morning we noticed he was getting weak so he went back to the vet for what we thought would be IV fluids to help support him. In reality, he was going into shock. The decision was made to send him to the bridge when it became evident that a recovery was probably not to be. In the end, Muddy made the decision to go on his own. He took his last breath with a number of very caring vet staff and myself holding onto him.

Muddy would have turned 9 months old 5 days later. He was just a baby. But he was an amazing baby! A champion at 6 months old. He had a blast in the ring at the dog shows. He loved his family. He was my heart.

Rest In Peace Muddy – I will forever hold you in my heart!

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