Puppies Exploring

Today Ada’s puppies went into the big backyard to explore for the first time. It is important to allow them to try new things to help them gain confidence. It was amazing to watch how they would cautiously check out something new and once they realized it was safe (and usually fun) they romped and played on it and looked for more adventures. “Puppy-sensitive” children are encouraged to interact with the puppies to get them comfortable around kids. We are lucky to have neighbor kids and grandchildren who are responsible and calm around the puppies. C

Ada’s puppies were introduced to the dog-door this week. They have been following mom outside and are learning to go potty outside rather than inside. Making it routine – and expected – really encourages their housebreaking skills making it easier to train them when they go to new homes. The idea of going potty outside rather than inside is a good thing!

Next weekend the puppies will be 8 weeks old. So hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday they were born. We will be doing some “stacked” photos of them. Keep an eye out!

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